Sunday, March 30, 2008


So my friend dragged me to her college group tonight and I was really cynical because the topic was sex. I hate the church sex discussions because they are always the same. The people go up there and give everyone advice on waiting, saying that "it is worth it." It all just seems so fake, its like anyone has to hide if they have ever actually struggled with anything. But people were really real tonight, and a lot of stuff came up that impressed me.

Anyways, this one I actually liked, and it was more of a discussion. This guy mentioned the verses in I think its 1 Corinthians about the body being a temple. He said that maybe that is not just your body in the individual sense, but also the communal Body of Christ. So being pure benefits the entire Body, just as being sinful hinders the Body. I liked that a lot, it makes it that much better if you stay pure, not just for yourself, but for the larger community of believers.

At UPC today, Earl spoke about the different meanings of the word bless. When it is people blessing God, the Greek word also means bow, and when it is God blessing us, the greek means stoop. I liked that difference. It puts the importance and "Godnesss" of God in perpective. It has been a good day today.

And Backstreet Boys is playing on repeat in the bathroom. Sometimes that just works with your mood, and right now is one of those times.

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