Monday, March 10, 2008


Why does certain music just really make you happy when you listen to it? It is so powerful that it can do that to you. I am listening to John Mayer live right now and it is making me happy. Especially in light of everything I have going in my life. Its like music is a breath in between the chaos of life.
You know you meet with too many people when people become appointments. I have many people pulling on me from lots of different directions, and it gets really tiring. They all seem to want something from me and I don't feel like I have anything to offer them. I often figure out what people want and say the right things so they feel encouraged, but that is only the shell of me. I know exactly what to say so it sounds like I am being vulnerable even if I am not. It is like a twisted art form or something. I hate it, and I am geting better and cutting back so I dont get to that point as often. I see why people in ministry can get lonely really easily. Sometimes I can be surrounded by incredible people whom i love and who love me and I still feel like I am all by myself.
Just some scattered thoughts for the morning for you.

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