Thursday, May 29, 2008


The "era" of my life that has been the past year is coming to an end. In two weeks, everything will be different and I will say goodbye to people that I will not see for six months. That seems like ages as a college student. I am sending in my app for the internship tomorrow, taking the LSAT in a little more then two weeks, and going to Africa in less then four. We passed down all our traditions to the new RAs tonight. It feels good to be satisified at the end of a time in your life where you feel that you worked extremely hard. I don't think I will have regrets looking back on how I led this year, and I think I was really refined in my motives for doing things.

I am wrestling with the passage in Mark right now about having faith and praying for things, then expecting them to happen. It says if you are not holding grudges or need to forgive anyone, then God will listen to your prayers and grant your requests. So, where is the line with that, because people obviously do not always get what they want. I think I will just continue to pray expecting things to happen, then watch as God blows me away by how he answers them in completely different ways.

Its time for the Lost finale. really profound I know.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I got to speak at this cool thing last Friday. It went well, and people talked to me afterwards and thought I was legit. In my limited experience with those kind of things, my coolness lasts for about two days, then people sort of forget and move on. I can see how celebrities or whoever could get hooked on that popular feeling of always wanting to feel wanted. I am glad people arent still talking to me about it, it is the 99% of my life when I am not speaking in front of people that lets me earn the right to share in the first place.

Things are coming together for my summer trip I think. Just when i give up and think there is no way I can do everything and get all the money and paperwork in, it happens. Its like I have to have that moment of total surrender before anything really good gets done. One month and twelve minutes from today is the day I take the LSAT. I am very confident it is what I want to do, and what I am supposed to do, but also very aware that I could crash and burn horribly because then I would have no control and no plan, and that is usually when God does something cool.

I am getting to the point where I see cool character qualities of God in people, and it is very encouraging. You can make manifest the glory of God within you sometimes without knowing it. My staff had bingo night and we dressed up like old people this week, it was genuinely fun, and I felt like the happiness and comfort was a simple thing from HIm.

This is kind of a worthless blog entry, but whoever you are as you read this, know there is something bigger then yourself out there. And He loves you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Why does stuff like this always seem to happen "over there." and why is it so easy to feel detached? This is about the only time when I feel genuinely frustrated with politics. The government of Burma and Myanmar have such tight controls they are not even approving the visas to let the relief workers in right now to help. Over 100,000 predicted dead. And countries are sending "condolence messages." That sounds super helpful. Yet at the same time, what are they supposed to do if the govenments of the suffering nations wont even accept help for their own people? Or wont handle the help with integrity? Dumping bodies into rivers because there is no where else to put them, little kids guarding food supplies in temples, trying to ration it to make it last as more people drift in, saying they have lost everything.

I wish i could drop everything and fly over there right now. If I had the money, I would. But what could I do? Other people are already trying. I hope they can make a difference, and that the government will let them in. Praying is about all I can do. I wish that felt more satisfying at this moment.