Thursday, May 29, 2008


The "era" of my life that has been the past year is coming to an end. In two weeks, everything will be different and I will say goodbye to people that I will not see for six months. That seems like ages as a college student. I am sending in my app for the internship tomorrow, taking the LSAT in a little more then two weeks, and going to Africa in less then four. We passed down all our traditions to the new RAs tonight. It feels good to be satisified at the end of a time in your life where you feel that you worked extremely hard. I don't think I will have regrets looking back on how I led this year, and I think I was really refined in my motives for doing things.

I am wrestling with the passage in Mark right now about having faith and praying for things, then expecting them to happen. It says if you are not holding grudges or need to forgive anyone, then God will listen to your prayers and grant your requests. So, where is the line with that, because people obviously do not always get what they want. I think I will just continue to pray expecting things to happen, then watch as God blows me away by how he answers them in completely different ways.

Its time for the Lost finale. really profound I know.

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