Monday, April 27, 2009


I had a surprise party last night. It was amazing. Everyone was dressed up and speaking in accents and there were donuts. All my favorite things in one room. i could have died...first from shock, then from happiness. I have decided that at some point in everyone's life, they need to walk in a room and be surprised to see they have a bunch of their friends there applauding them for no reason and telling them they are cool. It might eliminate a lot of the problems we have as a lonely society. It worked wonders for my mood yesterday.

And what do you do when someone hurts you and you try really hard to not like them and be super angry for an extended period of time, but you just cant? Why is it that we are so willing to give people second chances? It would be nice to just retreat with the pride I have left and lick my wounds in a corner, but it is harder then that for me to let go. I guess if something really drastic and terrible happens then you know they relationship is over, but what about those weird in between relationships? There should be a book on that. But I probably wouldnt read it anyways so I guess it wouldnt matter.

Happiness to me right now is:
-kenyan poker
-Toms shoes
-eating donuts in the sun
-listening to David Archuleta on repeat and being embarrassed that I might be able to relate to what he is saying
-being surprised by people I love
-trying to live in the right now knowing that what I have coming next is REALLY DARN COOL