Saturday, March 8, 2008


I went to this cool coffee shop today. For the second time. I went yesterday too, and got free coffee. Its called Muse. It is really cool and has a bright yellow chair that I like and this amazing lamp in the bathroom that the owner has named "Mr. P" (I will not go into detail about why). I want to steal it and put it in my room. Going in there inspires me go to go flea markets and find really cool things that look expensive. Or maybe I will just make a lot of money and buy the expensive versions like this coffee shop has done. Heather came with me and we studied all day. Con Law is the hardest class ever, but it is my favorite. I am not looking forward to that final this week.
I gave up sugar four days ago because I have heard that four days is how long it takes you to break a sugar addiction. I think it worked, I havent craved it all day today. but then my friend came and took me to Lys, my favorite donut place. Good old Mr Ly. I will have to devote a whole blog to him later.
It is a beautiful night tonight, I love the view from my window. All the shades of purples in the sky, and the lights of the city seeming to battle for the attention of admirers with the clouds. It has been a good day, except I feel sick from my sudden sugar binge. Garden State is playing the background and I am sitting at my desk reflecting. It feels good.

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