Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Do you ever have those days where everything is just working perfectly? I found $10 in my jeans this morning (which never happens), then I was super productive and wrote a paper and aced two finals. And lunch was awesome in Gwinn, and I ran into peope I wanted to see and its oly 3 get the picture. You just feel like you are on the top of the world.

Huge change from yesterday. I read in Psalm 51 where David says basically, "God if you open my mouth I wil praise you." That is how I felt, kind of like, really God? This day sucks and I dont feel like praising you and things are hard so you will have to open my mouth. Pretty arrogant if you think about it. Those are the moments where the coolest things happen with God in my life. When I am really pissed or really broken and really honest, God does something cool. Its like that old song "We are listening for whispers, but we cannot hear the screams. The sun is blinding us and still we look for matches."

I usually have to get smacked over the head by a metaphorical two by four when I am happy in order to see God's goodness because I always think I got myself there on my own power. Yet, when I am sad or hurting, God is so visible all the time. I need to be more intentional at pursuing God on days like today because they dont last and God is faithful all the time. And he is the one that controls everything, good days and bad. Why is that so hard to remember?

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