Friday, March 7, 2008


So, a wise man I know told me a while back that his greatest fear in life is being stereotypical. I think that is mine too. I hate when people think they have me or anyone else figured out after only a few interactions. Really? At least give people the benefit of the doubt that they are more complicated then that, otherwise everyone is just really boring which would be lame. Today someone told me I seem really simple. He meant it as a compliment, but it is sort of like being put in a box, and he has checked it "already figured out."
I think I do that with God a lot. I know the basics (have heard them a million times actually) so I just assume I already know whatever it is people are going to tell me, or feel pride that I have already heard and understand what they are saying. My view of God is not big enough if he fits into my box that I have created for him.
So how do you expand a view you have of God? I have seen him do crazy things in peoples lives, yet I still doubt he can really do stuff in my own (even though he has). I have heard all the cliche church answers, but I want something real. And I know my God can handle my questions. I like that, its like I glimpse what he is really like, outside of church and western stereotypes and my own blinders. Seeing the real thing, I am pretty sure you will always walk away changed even if it only happens once in your life. Is that enough? What if it never happens but you know it can? Is that what faith is? Hearing cool things that God has done for other people and trusting? I mean, I know he has done cool things for me, but do I just not notice them enough? Hmm....

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