Thursday, March 13, 2008


Im done! With this quarter at least. It is so strange, I need a couple days to detox or something. I have been pushing and pushing for so long and now I have two days in a row with nothing planned and nothing to do. I dont know what to do with my self already and it has only been 10 hours. It is sad that I have let myself be busy enough to get to this point where I dont even know how to handle having nothing on my schedule.

My friend brought me a donut today. I love donuts. People dont bring me things often, and it totally made my day. People talk a lot about love languages and I love trying to figure out what people's are. I know mine is service, but no one ever thinks it is. I always want to love people through serving because that is the most natural for me and the way I show love. I have learned this year to see what other peoples needs are, then meet them in that way. i am not touchy-feely at all, but some of my friends really appreciate that so I hug them even if I dont feel like it. Just like how I am not a verbal processor. That has been difficult because people always want me to talk things out. I am amazed still by people who just sit and spill everything to me. They are thinking through it as they talk, that is totally foreign to me. By the time it comes out of my mouth, I have already processed it. Just goes to show you how communicating with people can be so difficult if you dont take time to see where they are coming from.

Basically the point of this is to remind myself that my way is not better and I need to love people how I want to be loved, but in their version. Does that makes sense? It does in my head. Like I want to be served and listened to, but in a different way then other people. I want to be able to see that about other people, and be the person who understands how they want to be loved and treats them that way. The bible was on to something when it said treat others the way you want to be treated...but its harder then it sounds. At least for me.

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