Friday, August 7, 2009


Overwhelmed. That is how I felt yesterday at the hindu temple. It was like nothing I have ever experienced, and I didnt feel like I had any idea what was going on. I was trying to understand, but it was very foreign. It made me realize how the language I use to describe my own faith is probably very confusing to people who did not grow up in the same tradition. This has not been a problem when I have surrounded myself by others similar to me, but that is absolutely not the case now or for the next year. I need to work on that because I did not really like that feeling yesterday.

Today was fantastic. I just got back from seeing Romeo and Juliet at the globe theater. Loved it, but I was still mourning Juliet's death when they got got up and burst into song for the finale dance. it was strange to see her dancing around after she had just killed herself. And my butt fell asleep after about two minutes on those benches. A fun experience to say the least.

Also today we had presentations from the buddhist, sikh, unitarian and muslim Fellows. It was a very rich time for me to try and cram all this information I have always wanted to know about those religions into my brain. I really think this training is priceless just for the relationships I am forming with this diverse group of people and the way they are expanding my worldview. I love it.

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