Sunday, August 2, 2009

lemon juicer

I feel like my brain is a lemon in a lemon juicer right now. Seriously, so much has been crammed into the last three days I kind of feel nothing because there was so much.

And pretty much most of it is new. I have experience with the more action side of this (Millenium Devleopment goals, malaria, social justice, etc). But the multifaith dialogue I am stunningly ignorant. We have now been to a mosque for juma prayer, an orthodox jewish synagogue for shabbat, and a roman catholic parrish for sunday morning services. And we spoke with the leaders of each of those places after, asking lots of questions.

So much to learn.

It is humbling to think I thought I knew more then I did. I pretty much feel like I am starting from zero on a lot of the basics of these other faiths, as well as how to actively try and engage with these different groups to think about working together on malaria eradication. Our goal is to try and strengthen these people to become better and stronger in the religion they are already a part of, while working together with other faiths on pressing international issues since service is something high on the priority list for all different religions.

If that was not articulate that is because this is only day 3. Cut me some slack. This program is incredible and I am so thrilled to be able to learn all of this. And I know a lot of people dont believe the stuff I saw today can actually exist. A room full of 30 young people, aged 20-25 from hindu, sikh, muslim, buddhist, unitarian, catholic, christian and jewish backgrounds dialoguing about how we can all work together to change the world. And we all get along. And we genuinely like each other.

Now that is a future I am excited to be a part of.

More to come, but I need to let my brain rest a bit.

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