Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We visited the maternal health/baby area of the hospital this morning. We walked in and there were probably 50-75 mothers with their children waiting in line for services such as immunizations and check ups. The babies were so beautiful. I talked to a woman and her ten month old son named Godlisten. I asked her a lot of questions through the translating doctor about malaria and the affect it had on her family. She said this was the third time she has been to the hospital with Godlisten having malaria. Her other child has had it six times. They have a bed net, but the kids still get malaria. She said the prospect of having to not worry about malaria would make her feel better. She has no husband. The most intense part of the interview was when I asked her what she finds joy in. She said nothing. She said her life is difficult and there is no joy. I looked at the beautiful baby boy in her arms, and doubted her words. And I thought about the fact that his name was Godlisten. Did she know what the name meant? Was it a cry to God, begging him to listen to her in her pain, or could it have been a reminder that God does listen and hear her? Does He? She probably doesnt think so. It was very sad. We filmed the interview so I now forever have her answer as a reminder for why I am trying so hard to do what I do. And why I will never give up and throw in the towel. People need to find hope.

After talking to this woman, we spoke with an older lady who was a nurse working with pregnant women in the ward. She loved talking about her work, and has been at this place for 18 years. She happily told us about how she got sick and was treated so well by nurses years ago, she knew that she wanted to provide those same services to others. She loves what she does and says she is most happy when she helps women to have healthy babies.

Two women from the same community, but very different stories and attitudes.

This is a place of contrasts.

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Kathi and Jeff said...

I see that no one has commented on your blogs Amy, so let me be the first one to do it here. I know I have been replying through email but really wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your thoughtful responses to what you are learning and experiencing. Such a contrast for sure with Godlisten's mother and the nurse. I am glad you have it on video because I want to see the interview!