Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bye malaria

The training continues and just keeps getting better. Today was the completion of an intensive two day leadership training course which involved a prisoners dilemma activity we were filmed participating in. We got to watch the tape today and see ourselves and discuss different aspects of communication and leadership. Really enlightening. The rest of the day was spent on training in working with media and developing e-campaigns, as well as presentations from me and my fellow Christians on the basics of our religion, followed by a great presentation by the Jewish fellows about Judaism.

Last night we had a grand time at a reception at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation HQ. Did you know the building it is in was the original American embassy and John Adams lived there? The political scientist in me thought that was very cool. They have given us flipcams with which to film videos. I have been doing this and would post them here, but I have not filmed anything I think you all would find particularly interesting. But stay tuned. Tomorrow we are visiting a hindu temple and I am thrilled to learn about hinduism because I know very little at the moment.

I feel like I have my feet planted a bit more the last 24 hours. I am getting into the swing of things, and have some of the basics down. Everyone is really so fantastic and interesting and brilliant. I have trouble deciding who to talk to during breaks because I want to speak with everyone. And it is such an honor to be considered one of them. All these incredible people are pouring a lot of their time, talents, and energy into making us really fantastic, and I am really starting to believe we will make a lot of positive impact in our respective communities. Poor malaria. I dont think it will be around much longer. And it will not be missed.

And I got a Mcdonalds Mcflurry tonight. Tasted very different from the American version, but Subway here smells the same. I think that is weird.

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