Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last night at my staff meeting, people were sharing news stories they had heard yesterday. Two were mentioned, and neither of them were happy, and they seemed to completely change everyone's mood. It was strange. I kind of felt left out. I am constantly reading the news and learning about stuff happening in the world, and it mostly does not upset me. I dont think I am jaded, I think it is my personality to not be upset but to want to do something.

They just kept saying, "well see! This is why we dont read the news!" Yes, that is it follower of Jesus, live in complete ignorance of the world around you so that you dont have to feel uncomfortable or responsible for changing any of it.

It boggles my mind how people are so shocked by evil in the world. News flash: the world is messed up. But we get to help fix it! I dont want to make excuses, or be frozen by fear over how bad it is somewhere. People always pray for rescuers, but never are the rescuers themselves. I realize that some situations are horrible and you cannot do anything because of time or money or whatever, but dont just write it off and forget, hoping that "that other person" will do something for you. What if you lived life constantly trying to be people's answered prayer? Does that make sense? And if so, why is that so hard for people?

From Bob Bennett's song "Doing of the Thing"

Broken souls covered in broken skin
No resolution on the video screen.
Half a world away, somebody does our bidding
Beceause we like to pray, with our fingernails clean.

Mistake the nodding of the head
For all the words that can be said.
Mistake the sympathy we bring
For the doing of the thing.

Please dont be ignorant and close your eyes because you are uncomfortable. It is frustrating to people who have their eyes open on purpose.

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