Tuesday, July 21, 2009

employer satisfaction

I was very satisfied by my experience at KFC the other night when a party I was helping out at ran out of food, and I wanted to let the manager know so I called the number on the back of the receipt. The conversation went something like this

automated voice: Thank you for calling. What time, day, and store did you visit
me: detailed answer
AV: at the end of this survey you will be told if you qualify to win $1000. pause
me: (Pause). Thanks?
AV: Press one if your latest KFC experience exceeded your expectations. Press 2 if your trip met expectations. Press 3 if it did not meet your expectations.
me: 1
AV: Thank you for taking this survey. You did not qualify for the $1000. Please feel free to try again in six weeks. Click.

So much for speaking to a representative.

I watched Revolutionary Road a couple nights ago. It freaked me out. Kate Winslet is not living the life she wants to live, and she feels helpless to do anything about it so she just shuts off from everything. It is terrifying because it seemed to be so easy to become her. She did not make a bunch of heinous mistakes to get where she was, she just kind of passively did what was expected of her and never really pursued what she actually wanted. Terrifying, but kind of typical of a lot of people I know. Why is it so easy to settle for mediocre? And to forget that at one time every fiber of your being ached to have purpose and be something more?


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